Om jaya jaya jagajanani vande amritanandamayi
mangala arati mata bhavani amritanandamayi
mata amritanandamayi

Victory to the Mother of the Universe. Obeisance to Thee Arnritan-andamayi. Most auspicious arathi to Thee, Mother Bhavani.

janamana niga sukhadayini mata amritanandamayi
mangala karini vande janani amritanandamayi
mata amritanandamayi

Adorations to the Giver of real happiness to the people, the Giverof all good things.

sakalagama niga madishu charite amritanandamayi
nikhilamaya hara janani vande amritanandamayi
mãta amritanandamayi

Thou art the One glorified in the Vedas and Sastras. Adorations to l'hee who destroys all unhappiness.

prema rasãmrita varshini mata amritanandamayi
prema bhakti sandayini mata amritanandamayi
mata amritanandamayi

Thou pou rest forth the nectar of Love, 0 Giver of unconditional Love.

sama dama dãyini manalaya karini amritanandatnayi
satatam mama hridi vasatam devi amritanandamayi
mata amritanandamayi

Thou art the Giver of inner and outer control. 0 Thou who dissolves the mind, 0 Devi, kindly reside always in my heart.

patito dhara nirantara hridaye amritanandamayi
paramahamsa pada nilaye devi amritanandamayi
math amritanandamayi

In Thy heart Thy aim is to lift the fallen ones, Establised Thou art in the state of a Paramahamsa (Realised Soul).

he janani jani marana nivarini amritanandamayi
he srita jana paripalini jayatam amritanandamayi
math amritanandamayi

O Mother, who saves one from the cycle of birth and death, who fosters all those who seek Thy protection,

surajana pujita jaya jagadambe amritanandamayi
sahaja samãdhi sudanye devi amritãnandamayi
mata amritanandamayi

Thou art the One worshipped by the gods, fulfilled and established in the Natural State of samadhi..

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