Choti choti gaiya chote chote gval

Choto so mero madana gopal

Ghas khave gaiya dudh pive gval

Makhan khave mero madana gopal

Age Age gaiya piche pich gval

Beech me mero madana gopal

Choti choti lakuti chote chote hath

Bansi bajave mero madana gopal

Choti choti sakhiyan madhuban bal

Rass rachave mero madana gopal


A heard of little cows and a group of cowherd boys,

my enchanting little Gopal is with them.

The cows eat grass, the cowherd boys drink milk,

and my little Gopal eats butter.

The cows go in front, the little cowherds come at the back and

my little Gopal is in the middle.

Little sticks in their small hands (the cowherds) and

my little Gopal plays the flute.

The little girls and boys of Vrindavan,

my little Gopal enchants everyone with his divine play.

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