The Shimmogi Check Post was located along a road that was fast gaining reputation as the preferred route of smugglers trying to sneak goods across the causeway. The police had wised up to this activity, and stepped up security measures.

Everyday, the police would  look out for suspicious looking characters, and conduct random checks on the vehicles passing that way.

One of those who passed that way regularly was a man riding a motorbike. He had a huge sack strapped to the rear seat. This aroused the suspicion of the police whose instincts told them that this man was a smuggler.

They stopped him, and ordered him to untie the sack. When they emptied the sack on the ground, they discovered that it was just sand. He was questioned, and the man revealed that he was a contractor, and that the sand was for use at a construction site nearby. As they did not have any proof of wrongdoing, the police officers had to let him go.

This man continued passing the check post almost every day. And always, the bulging sack would be sitting behind him. The police officers would check the sack unfailingly, but they would find only sand. Sometimes, they would frisk him to see if he was hiding anything on his person. But they never found anything.

One day, when one of the police officers went to a pub after duty, he saw that man there. After getting his drink, the police officer went over and sat in front of the man. Without wasting any time on pleasantries, the police officer said, "Look, I know you are smuggling something across everyday. I don't know how I know. Call it a policeman's instinct! But I must say that you're pretty smart. You've always outwitted us. Just between you and me, why don't you tell me what it is that you're smuggling. I give you my word that I won't tell my colleagues about it."

The biker gazed at the officer's face for some time. "You're right," he said. I've been smuggling something. But you never noticed. You were all too smart for your own good." He paused. The officer did not say anything, but waited expectantly.

"What I've been smuggling was not in the sack on the bike," he said. It was the bike itself!"

Such is Truth. It is much nearer than we think, staring us in the face, as it were. But we look for it in all the wrong places. Realizing God, the ultimate Truth, is simple... but only for those who have become simple. The Truth is crystal clear to the pure and innocent. Om.

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