The river constantly flows towards the ocean. It reaches its goal overcoming many obstacles. As it flows, it gives life to the entire creation: plants, animals and man. We too can use our skills to help others. This is the way to reach God.

The spider is known for its perseverance. It goes on building its web again and again even when its threads get broken. We should never give up until we reach our goals.

  Love is our natural state. The moment we stop loving and instead hate, we become like a fish out of water!


The dog is known for its faithfulness to its master. It can recognize its master even if he is wearing a mask. We must also have such faith in God.

A baby monkey clings to its mother and so he is guided by her wisdom and strength. We must attach ourselves to God in the same way.

The horse is known for its restlessness. It will always be moving about. Our mind is also like that. We must practise meditation to keep the mind steady.

An elephant is a smart animal. It will not take a step forward without properly looking ahead. It moves steadily and boldly, overcoming all obstacles. We must look before we leap.

The musk deer runs in its search for the delicious fragrance. When it becomes too tired to continue, it discovers that the source of that smell has been with it all along. We search outside of ourselves for the bliss that has always been with us.

The lion is known for its fearlessness. We must also believe in ourselves no matter what others say or do.

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