Monisha, an 11 year old girl from Dubai, shares her story about first meeting Amma

My first meeting with Amma was when I was three years old. I was suffering from asthma during that time. My family used to attend Lalita Sahasranamam archanas held at the different houses of devotees. One day our whole family went to a devotee's house for the archana, and it was there that we first saw Amma's photo, which was kept in their shrine. On enquiring about who that woman was, the devotee explained in detail about Her. My parents were greatly inspired by what they had heard and really wanted to see Amma.



Amma was touring Reunion Island in December 1993, and my parents decided to go there to have Her darshan. Upon landing at the airport in Reunion, we did not know how to proceed to Amma's ashram. My father had a photo of Amma that he showed to a taxi driver, and asked him if he knew where the saint was giving programmes. The driver nodded his head and took us straight to a beautiful hall where Amma's programme was being held.

We were overjoyed to reach Amma's divine presence, and we rushed in to see Amma. Suddenly, my father remembered that he had to pay for the cab. But when he turned back, the cab had disappeared.

My father searched for the cab driver all over the place, but he could not find him. It was like Amma had sent him to pick us up.

Soon we joined the darshan line, and as we came near Amma, my parents mentioned to Amma about my asthma problem. Amma showered lots of love on me and made me sit on Her lap for a long time. I was really in heaven during those moments.

From that day till now, I have never had an attack of asthma (touch wood!), which is only because of Amma's grace.

My infinite humble prostrations at Her Lotus Feet.

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