Once upon there lived a feeble, old woman whose husband died, leaving her all alone. So she went to live with her son and his wife and their little daughter. Every day the old woman's sight dimmed and her hearing grew worse. Sometimes, during meal times, her hands would tremble so badly that the food would fall of her spoon and the soup would spill from her cup. Her son and his wife could not help feeling annoyed at the mess she seemed to create almost every day at the dining table. Often, they would scold her and harshly tell her to eat carefully. The poor, old woman would keep quiet and try her best to control her trembling hands.

One day, the old lady knocked over a glass of milk. Seeing this, her daugther- in-law exclaimed, "Enough is enough! " Then, she and her husband set up a small table for the old lady in the corner next to the broom closet. From then on, the old woman was forced to eat her normals there. She would sit there all alone, gazing with tear-filled eyes at the others across the room. They hardly ever spoke to her, and when they did it was usually to scold her for dropping a bowl or a fork.

One evening, just before dinner, when the old lady's son and his wife were getting ready for dinner, they noticed that their little daughter was busy playing on the floor with her building blocks When they asked er what she was building, she replied, "I'm making a little table for both of you so that you can eat by yourselves in the corner some day when I get big."

Her parents could not believe what they heard. They stared at her for some time and then, suddenly, both started crying. That night, the couple led the old woman back to her place at the big table. From then on, the old woman ate with the rest of the family. Not only that, the attitude of her son and his wife was different. They never seemed to mind it even a bit when the old woman spilled something every now and then, and often, would feed her with love and affection.

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