Amrita Bala Kendra program tries to give children an understanding of spiritual principles and shows them how to bring these simple teachings into their daily lives through stories, bhajans, field trips, arts and crafts, celebration of festivals and service projects. The Bala Kendra program focuses on values, traditions, and spiritual practices.

They meet second and fourth Saturdays of each month. Typically a Bala Kendra session would last about two hours. A session normally starts with the chanting of mantras followed by a storytelling session, yoga and finally a talk on topics like helping the needy or having respect and gratitude towards one's parents. Finally some bhajans are sung and then it's time for prasad (consecrated food offerings).

Amma says

"Some people doubt whether children should meditate and do japa at such a young age... The training and discipline which are given in youth will create a strong impression in the mind and play a great role in the building of character. Parents should take care not only to feed and fulfill the wishes of their children but also to discipline them, instilling faith and good culture."


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